My Paper Heart - Magan Vernon
The Paper Heart by Magan Vernon starts with Elizabeth Libby Gentry who does not meet the college requirement of maintaining her CGPA for 2 semesters. In other words, she flunks out of the college. Thus, her parents decide to send her off to live and work with her dad's sister, Aunt Dee, in Louisiana. Then, she met Blaine Crabtree (macam 'ketam pokok' pula bunyi dia), the hottest hunk in Elsbury, in a 'not-so-Chicago' party. The plot goes with Blaine-Libby teasing each other (sarcastically), Blaine invited Libby for a dinner, getting closer, and fall in love. You can expect Libby's ex-boyfriend, Beau, and Blaine's ex, Julie. It's just a normal sweet and romantic story. Nothing to 'wow' but it's a sweet one.

If you love chick lit story, then this should be on your list. The plot is nice. Short. If you love to read something that deals with more serious issues, and requires deep thinking, then this should be out of your league. Great for young adult. No saucy raunchy slang.