The Monster on Top of the Bed - Alan H. Jordan
I received kindle edition of The Monster on Top of the Bed by Alan H Jordn just a few days ago. I would love to thank the author for giving me the opportunity to read a very nice story. I've decided to read it with my 3 year-old daughter last night, and I laughed out loud when she asked me whether there's a critter under the bed (because I answered her that critter would only live under the bed if she never tidy up her bedroom!).

This book has a very simple story with very cute drawn pictures (and colorful, too). This makes my daughter loves to point out everything that she saw on the book. "Mummy, what's this/that?" as she pointed out Karrit who was hiding under Suzy's bed. I find this book has a very interesting story as my daughter keeps on asking me about Karrit (and why Karrit has a weird look, etc). It keeps my daughter attached with the storyline. I love the concept of this book especially when there's a few quizzes after the story that will keep children involved in this story.

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